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Y2Mate Amazon Prime Offline Downloader Software: A Complete Package of Entertainment


Amazon Prime, one of the famous and craziest live streaming platforms among the OTT, has been doing an outstanding performance by providing fantastic content airing. The complete entertainment package is getting high volume business out of the increased subscribers. The platform starts showing drama, action, suspense-thriller, horror, science-fiction, etc., to give watchers a chance to relax in their free time.

The content collection is massive, and therefore, they are getting a significant number of subscribers to watch their show. Viewers can watch them once you opt out of the subscription plan with an account login. For the premium and standard content tiers, they keep the same subscription plan.

The price you need to pay to watch Amazon Prime content

Y2Mate Amazon Prime

If you are new to OTT platforms, let me tell you, Amazon Prime charge $119 per year and $ 12.99 per month. You can select your plan as per your budget and then proceed further. However, they are giving discounts and special packages to students and Medicaid cardholders. The respective charges are $6.49 for a month and $59 per year, $5.99 in a month, and $72 for a year.

You pay the subscription and enjoy the shows. But their download process is restricted for a few countries like Japan, Germany, UK, and the US. Phased manner, the feature of auto-download prevents the other area watchers from Download the content for later watch.

Then what is the solution?

The solution is relatively easy, take the help of third-party downloader software like the Y2Mate and download the movies and shows from Amazon Prime. You can download the film and show it with the Y2Mate downloader software regardless of any country you live in.

Y2Mate Amazon Prime offline downloader software

Amazon prime offline downloader is technically a high-end application that downloads all kinds of content from OTT platforms, be it premium or usual shows or movies. The picture and the sound quality of the shows and movies will be the same as in the original version. You can download the content from Amazon Prime and save it for repeat watch. You can even share the Download with your near and dear ones and transfer the file with a USB cable to any other supportive folder.

Download videos & music/multitasking and playlist from Amazon Prime, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Vimeo and 1000+ Popular Streaming Services and websites offline into MP4/MKV/MP3 files in 1080p/320kbps.

The flexibility of the save and share option is unique, and you will not find this feature in any OTT app or other downloader software. The credibility lies in its usefulness which the Y2Mate Amazon Prime offline downloader maintains to the fullest.

Benefits that are giving a hassle-free downloading experience

Apart from the save and share option, the application is in an advanced stage with exclusive features that benefit the users. How much you will get the benefits after installing the application is discussed below.

  • You can download all kinds of shows and movies from Amazon Prime for free, even if you live in any country.
  • You can download the movies in full HD and UHD 1080p, and even in 4k
  • You can listen to the songs, movies, music videos in 5.1 AAC stereo soundtrack to give you a better listening experience
  • The application can download the movie or show within a minute as fast download capability is there
  • You can download multiple shows and movies at a time in a single click as the application consists of batch downloading capacity
  • The auto-download option detects the following episodes or series one by another, and no need to click any button
  • You can download movie with the metadata like the storyline, star cast, production details, plots, and genre, and you can save the info with the movie or the show you are downloading
  • As per your native or preferred language, you can save the subtitles of the Amazon movies and shows
  • You can avail of the application’s subscription plan on a monthly and yearly basis
  • You will get a responsive customer care team who will assist you 24*7 if any issue arise during the operating time

The subscription plan of the application

The pricing of the software is flexible in terms of the payment method. You can pay it monthly at $9.9 and yearly for $99 with free updates. You will get one license for one PC or laptop for each plan you switch on. Auto-renewal mode is available with both plans, and you can deactivate the service at any time.

What is required to install the application?

You need the below list to install the Y2Mate Amazon Prime Offline downloader software.

  • An account in Amazon Prime live stream
  • A supportive device like PC or laptop or Macbook
  • Can use iOS and Android supporting device
  • A healthy internet connection

You are ready to install the application to download content from Amazon Prime live stream service with these arrangements. Remember, all the shows and movies you download from Amazon Prime are entirely free, no need to pay anywhere.

Follow the installation instructions to use the application better

The steps are easy to access, and you can follow the simple rules to install the application. Read it below.

Step 1: Go to Amazon Prime with the built-in browser and log in to your account.

Open the built-in browser in Amazon prime and log in to your Amazon Prime account.

Y2Mate Amazon Prime

Step 2: Click on the Ready to Download button.

Tap on the ready to download button and select the subtitle language

Y2Mate Amazon Prime

Step 3: Click on the Download Now button.

Click on the Download Now button, and in the background, the download process will start. You can continue watching the shows and movies, and it does not affect the Download.

Y2Mate Amazon Prime

Step 4: Save the file

After Download, save the file to your local storage.

The Y2Mate Amazon Prime offline downloader application can download content under 60kbps in 48kHz. The application supports dual channel performance at 224kbps. But the audio capability solely depends on the movie or the show you are downloading for later watch.

The interface of the Y2Mate Amazon Prime offline downloader software is handy and user-friendly. Once you start using the application, you can know how it is easy to download content from Amazon Prime and save them for later watch. The application will save your time as the functionality does not support complex operations. In that case, you will feel relaxed after the installation.

Necessity to install the Y2Mate Amazon Prime downloader

As Amazon Prime restricted regional access to the download content from the live stream, you need third-party software to download your favorite show or movie. Every time you cannot watch the shows or movies live because of professional and family responsibilities. Therefore, you need an application to download the content with the original essence like the Y2Mate downloader software works.


The application and the technically advanced features are the fittest for downloading content from the various OTT platforms. These live streams apply restrictions for the Download. You can download all the premium and popular shows and movies from Amazon Prime and save them on your supportive device.

Your Amazon Prime offline watch must be colorful and full of entertainment. Every bit and every second of the shows and movies you must enjoy to the fullest. Try your hands on the Y2Mate Amazon Prime offline downloader software and enjoy all the offline watching moments.

Of course, our YouTubetoMP3 online service offers you an opportunity to download videos offline just with few clicks from YouTube, facebook, vimeo and other platforms.

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