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Review on Best Netflix Offline Downloader


Netflix, a USA-based live streaming channel loaded with exciting content that engages the viewers for a long time. The shows, the movies, and the web series are all tremendously popular broadcasting on Netflix. The gross subscribers also increased, and the number is up-scaling over the period.

The live stream channel categorizes based on the genre of the shows, and they are hit on the first show. Viewers love watching Netflix shows as the subject lines are relevant to their daily lives, dealing with their issues, and the solution also fits them. Action, drama, socio-political issues, relationships, Netflix touched almost all the aspects of human life and the living style.

Watching favorite shows and movies together on a couch at home is always an enjoyable moment. But due to professional and personal life balance, sometimes we miss the fun moments. Let’s check whether you can watch Netflix movies offline or not.



Do I watch Netflix movies and shows offline?

Netflix allows you to watch movies and shows offline, but the access is limited. The live stream restricted the premium shows and movies offline watch. Open your Netflix account and click on the movies or shows you want to download to watch offline. At the bottom of your app screen, you will find a Download button. If the button is not available with the content means Netflix restricted it from downloading.

In that case, you will feel helpless as it is their stream policy, and they will decide which show you can download or not.

Even if you download the content from Netflix, you cannot share the content with anyone. It will be within the device, and only you can watch.

Well, I would suggest you decide to install a downloader software which can download any show or movie from Netflix despite the restrictions. The Y2Mate downloader software is doing exceptionally excellent performance regarding downloading premium content from Netflix.

Can I download premium shows and movies from Netflix?

Surely you can with the Y2Mate Netflix downloader software? How? Let's learn it together.

Of course you can download all the premium shows and movies from Netflix with the Y2Mate downloader application. No need to pay any charge to anyone. You can download all the premium content free with the Y2Mate downloader software.


Q1: Can I share the download content with my friends?

Yes, you can share the download content with your friend. The only required item is he/she must have the supportive device to store the content.

Q2: Can I download new releases from Netflix with the Y2Mate downloader software?

You can even download the new releases movies and shows back to back to your local storage for future watch. Only you have to check whether Netflix has already started streaming the movie/show or not. Once Netflix starts streaming, you can download and save it on your device.

Let me give you a brief on the Y2Mate downloader software to understand the application better.

Q3: What is the Y2Mate Netflix offline downloader software?

The Y2Mate Netflix offline downloader software is a perfectly designed and technically advanced application that gives you Netflix offline movies and shows watching experience. It is not just a downloader software; it can convert files from any online live stream channel to your desired file to provide you a fantastic listening and watching experience both at a time. The software can download from 1000+ websites and live streaming channels and present you with the best offline downloading adventure ever.

What are the required things to download the Y2Mate Netflix offline downloader software?

It is not rocket science; hence the stuff is handy to avail the service of the downloader software. Below is the list.

  • Software supportive devices that are the latest upgraded model, PC, or laptop.

  • The application support iOS, Android, and Macbook

  • Fast internet connection

With these items, you are all set to ready to jump into the world of downloading shows from Netflix.

What are the advantages of the Y2Mate Netflix offline downloader software if I avail the service?

The advantages are numerous, and it will surprise you for sure. Let me show you the list of the advantages to make you better understand the application.

Y2Mate Netflix offline

  • You can download all the premium content from Netflix for free

  • New releases of movies and web series you can download once they start streaming on Netflix

  • You can convert file to your desired file folder to give yourself a better listening and watching opportunity

  • You can download the movies and shows in HD and UHD 1080p, and even in 4k, the picture clarity retain the same as the original

  • You can select the subtitle and metadata info in your native language to understand the content better

  • The software support batch download means you can download web series and shows along with all the episodes one after another without clicking any button

  • You can save the content in the .srt file folder

  • You can watch all the popular shows without ads in downloading format

  • You can have the sounds in a 5.1AAC stereo soundtrack means every beat and rhythm you can feel

  • The fastest download process saves your productive time

  • The software can download 1000+ websites and live streaming platform other than Netflix

These advantages are the premium features that set it apart from other downloader software available in the market.

What’s the pricing plan of the Y2Mate Netflix offline downloader application?

Let me show you the pricing plan of the software!

  • The monthly plan starts with $9.9

  • Yearly you need to pay $99

  • You will get the auto-update of the software monthly and yearly based on your plan selection

  • All plan comes with single license with single PC or laptop

  • Both plans come with free update and auto-renewal mode

  • You can cancel the plan anytime

  • 24*7 customer care support is available for both plans


The installation process of the Y2Mate Netflix offline downloader software!

The installation process is elementary and requires minimum effort from your end. You need to follow the steps by clicking on the given button, and your device is ready to download movies and shows from Netflix, the giant live streaming channel of the USA. Below are the steps. Read the steps carefully.

Step 1: Install the downloader software.

At first, you need to install the software on your supportive device.

Step 2: Click on the Netflix service.

As you open the streaming service pane on your screen, click on the Netflix streaming service.

Netflix service

Step 3: Sign in to your Netflix account

Put your login credentials and go to your Netflix account.

Step 4: Select the movies or shows.

movies or shows

Choose the shows or movies to download

Step 5: Select the subtitle and metadata language

You can select the language you prefer to save the subtitles and metadata of the movie or shows.

Step 6: Batch download enable in auto mode

If the show has episodes or series, the application will download them all one by one without clicking on any button.

download enable in auto mode

Step 7: Download or Add Queue

Download the movies and shows by clicking on the Download button. Or you can save them for later download by clicking on Add Queue.

Step 8: Save the movie or the show

Now your desired content is ready to save in your local storage. You can watch anytime from anywhere you prefer.

Follow these easy steps, and you will download anything from Netflix for repeat or later watch.

Popular shows and movies of Netflix

After the installation, you need to know the movie and show list of Netflix to decide which content you download from Netflix. Let’s see.

Netflix Popular Movies

Casino Royale

Sherlock Holmes



The conjuring

Shutter Island

The Dark Knight

Batman Begins

Training Day


Back to the Future

Crimson Peak

The movies I mentioned here are mixed with crime-thriller, comedy, suspense, drama, science-fiction, etc. Based on your taste and preferable genre, you can select the movies and download them for repeat watch.

List of Upcoming Movies on Netflix

Super Monsters: Once upon a Rhyme


Americans Outlaws

2 Hearts

Dancing Queens


Sweet Tooth


Shows on Netflix


The Umbrella Academy

The Last Dance

Avatar: The Last Airbender

The Good Place

The Great British Baking Show


The Queen’s Gambit

The Crown

The Haunting of Hill house

Cobra Kai


Chappelle’s Show

Murder Among The Mormons

Shadow and Bone

Jupiter’s Legacy



The upcoming shows on Netflix


Ben & Holly’s Little Kingdom

Black Holes



Happy Endings

Super Monsters: Once upon a Rhyme

Hospital Playlist


Too Hot to Handle

All these above shows are upcoming in June. You can select the shows for download with the Y2Mate Netflix offline downloader application. The shows I listed here are the mixed genre. You can select based on your choice and preferences.


Once you install the application, you will come to know how valuable and advanced the application you're using to download the exclusive content from Netflix. We cannot make time to watch them live. So the download is the ultimate option we can rely on and entertain ourselves in our free time. In the home isolation time, we can enjoy movies and shows that give us mental relief. To watch them repeat, we need to download them to satisfy our watch taste.

Besides, if you just want to download videos online. Our YouTube to MP3 converter online service offers you an opportunity to download videos offline just with few clicks from YouTube, facebook, vimeo and other platforms.

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