Best Free Online YouTube Downloader 2020

As streaming videos become quite popular today, there is also a huge demand for watching offline since buffering and ads can be prevented in this way. Unlike many other online YouTube Downloader products that only allow to download videos in a given format and quality, this best YouTube Downloader online is able to convert and download YouTube videos to MP3 and MP4 format and in various resolutions.


1. How to use this free YouTube Downloader online?


Step1: Paste a video URL into the input field

You need to copy the video address of the desired video, and then paste the URL into the YouTube downloader free.



Step2: Click Download to analyze the video address

Click onto the download button and wait a few seconds for analyzing the video link.



Step3: Choose the format and quality you need

You can choose MP3 or MP4 format according to your needs, select the video resolution you want to save, and click the Download button.


2. FAQs about Online YouTube Downloader


Q1: What are the features of the online YouTube Downloader?

A1: Compared to software, extension, or app products, online YouTube Downloader doesn’t need to install anything before your use. More importantly, with YouTube Downloader online, you will not be limited to a specific device or browser. Just open our web page on any browser any device to start your download.  


Q2: Why should you download YouTube videos to MP4 format?

A2: MPEG-4 or to say MP4 video format is a pretty common video format that most players support. Besides, saving videos in MP4 format occurs less loss of quality with higher compression as compared to other video formats.


Q3: Is it legal to download YouTube videos?

A3: It’s illegal to download copyright videos with explicit permission from the content owner and especially when you download it not for personal use. Therefore, we suggest you download videos that are not under copyright protected although this online YouTube Downloader actually doesn’t limit that.


Q4: Where are the videos downloaded with YouTube downloader HD?

A4: When you use the online YouTube downloader, the downloaded files will be saved on your ‘Downloads’ folder. For example, If you use the Chrome browser, you can easily find your downloaded files by clicking CTRL + J and open your download history. Also, you can change the downloaded location according to your needs.


Q5: Does the YouTube video downloader save any downloaded videos?

A5: The online YouTube downloader free is safe to download YouTube videos. The YouTube video downloader will not store your downloaded videos and your user data. Your safety and privacy is a priority to this best YouTube downloader online.




3. Best YouTube Downloader Online Features:


Best YouTube Downloader Online

This online YouTube downloader is absolutely the best choice for you to download YouTube videos online because it doesn’t limit the video length and number. With this YouTubeToMP3 best YouTube Downloader online, you are allowed to download as many videos as you like. It’s totally unlimited here. Feel free to use this best YouTube downloader online to download videos.


YouTube Downloader HD

With this YouTube Downloader HD, you’re always allowed to download YouTube videos in its highest possible resolution. Take a 2160p video as an example, you can download it in 2160p, 1080p, 720p, and more. This YouTube Downloader HD will detect and display all the possible results for you. Just feel free to choose the one you like to download videos without free YouTube downloader online.


YouTube Music Downloader

Our best YouTube audio downloader is the best online YouTube music downloader website that allows you to download videos easily and directly from the internet to MP3 format for watching offline or making a video with a music background. The YouTube music downloader solution to download video is time-efficient. Simple and convenient YouTube audio downloader.




Fast Download Guaranteed

This YouTube Downloader free provides a free but fast download service. From analyzing a video address to downloading a video, this YouTube Downloader free only takes a few minutes. The time is costs also depend on the video length. All you need to do is just paste the video link into the YouTube downloader HD.


Safe YouTube Downloader

This YouTube Downloader is totally safe and secure. Since registration is not required here, you don’t need to provide any private information like an email address. Besides, your download record will be automatically deleted from our server after seven days. Your information will not be accessible to others during your use of this YouTube Downloader free. Rest assured and have a try now.


Wanna download YouTube to MP3 Converter? Try this YouTube downloader HD.

Our best YouTube downloader online work on any device, and it is a great alternative if your computer or phone is poor in memory or you don’t want to install any apps to download video or audios.